New York Giants

Live. Television. Channels. Then, last Sunday evening, during the NFL playoff game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers, the FBI posted on its website more than 300 emails that Clinton had sent to an unnamed colleague not in the government no doubt her adviser Sid Blumenthal that had fallen into the […]

Proper etiquette is a huge part

Proper etiquette is a huge part of the game and every player is expected to abide by the rules and regulations and behave in a manner considered worthy. Every management handling a golf course has different rules about what clothing it considers acceptable and what it does not put there is a certain elements of […]

I could join

I could join. The problem was that the team had already been practicing and, for reasons I couldn’t fathom, they were all out of uniform jerseys. “You’ll just have to get a jersey of your own,” Coach said. To understand, it helps to go back to Benton, Illinois just for a moment, where Collins would […]

When forecasting weather it

When forecasting weather it is difficult to give 100% accurate forecasts when you are still a few days away from the event. The one aspect I can assure with 100% accuracy is the warmth we experience today will be long gone by Friday. The forecast come trick or treat time looks to be decent, at […]

I prepare for Fresh Start

I prepare for Fresh Start at the jail, not sure I should go, but I leave the house anyway. If nothing else, I just want to see things around town. I have to leave this house for whatever reason I can cook up. Thirdly, the brand will charm if they keep on innovating. Innovation is […]

I wasn’t always

I wasn’t always, what my husband lovingly refers to as, a shoe whore. I can’t even remember when shoes became important to me. I never really thought about them in college; I was tall, so I rarely wore high heels. Today we saw Ljubicic rip off this stony mask. My one complaint about the guy […]

You had always been a huge

You had always been a huge fan of Tottenham Hotspur. Ever since you were little, you had been fiercely loyal to the football club. You had many jerseys of the different players that had transferred to and gotten transferred from the team. No matter what kind of glove you choose, it is far more important […]

When you started

When you started. Where you started. Why you started. Kristina felt that the only force across human history that has ever been able to convince humans to act consistently contrary to their own perceived self interest has been religion, and that’s where Coresain came in. It’s tricky to put it together, though, because we’re trying […]

the Pure Wand

Honestly, the Pure Wand did not perform to our expectations. My girlfriend and I realized from trial and error that this toy just is not made for thrusting, at least for her. She found it almost painful to use this way so we quickly discovered that instead a wiggling motion while pressing one of the […]

A rock has no mind

For example, a rock. A rock has no mind, no feelings, no intentions. We do not consider a rock morally culpable during a landslide that kills a person (we aren going to send a rock to prison or condemn it to hell) and in general we do not give a generic rock wellbeing any consideration […]